Hilltop Cloud is run by Katie Weston, and specializes in fibre blends.

I prepare my fibres in my home in the hills of Mid-Wales. I sell carded batts, hand blended roving, and dyed fibre for spinners. I also sell spinning fiber from British breeds of sheep, and Drop Spindle Kits for people interested in learning to spin. I specialise in subtle colour combinations, and beautiful fibre combinations featuring British wool that are easy to spin in to beautiful yarn.

I set up the business after leaving a career in teaching in March 2011. I first started knitting in 2007, fibre and everything wooly has fascinated me ever since.

My colours are often inspired by nature, and are usually subtle and easy to wear. I aim to use as much British wool as possible to support British farmers and the British wool industry. I try to highlight the diversity of British wool , and showcase our unusual and rarer breeds to a wider audience. I'm passionate about British breeds of sheep, and the qualities of wool, it really is a wonder fibre, with so much variety. Every breed has it's use, softest isn’t always best. I have a love of colour, I mostly like subtle combinations that are pleasing to the eye. I use tonal colours, often paired with an un-dyed natural wool to give a subtle depth to the blend.

All fibre is hand blended, hand selected or hand dyed by a spinner, for spinners. Ensuring they will spin in to workable yarns you’ll love, want to knit, weave or crochet with, and wear. 

My drop spindle kits are perfect for people who want to learn to spin, but aren't sure if they want to invest in a spinning wheel. I pride myself on selling spindles which are simple, yet functional. They aren't complicated, or pretty to look at, but they do work, which is the most important thing.